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Established in 1997, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is committed to providing Islamic financial solutions to the global community. ADIB prides itself on making everyone feel at home and respected by being simple, sensible and transparent. With a comprehensive range of unique banking solutions, guided entirely by Shari’a principles, ADIB has gained a reputation as an industry leader in innovative and new technology initiatives. Thanks to a rapidly expanding network and an ongoing roll out of new offerings and banking solutions, ADIB has been a recipient of a number of awards and is responsible for numerous unique products and services, such as Dana Women’s Banking and *161#, which is a first-of-its kind mobile banking service in the UAE enabling customers to perform nearly all banking transactions online with no downloads or fees and easy access as standard.

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ADIB – Classic Fast Covered Card0.83%More Info
ADIB – Spice Card for UAE Nationals3.09%More Info
ADIB – Dana MasterCard2.99%More Info
ADIB – Signature Card3.29%More Info
ADIB – Infinite Card3.29%More Info
ADIB – Value+Card3.09%More Info
ADIB – Value Card3.09%More Info
ADIB – Edge Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Rotana Rewards Exclusive Visa Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Cashback Classic Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Cashback Gold Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Spice Card3.09%More Info
ADIB – Etisalat Visa Platinum Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Etihad Guest Classic Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Etisalat Gold Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Football Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Etihad Guest Gold Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Etisalat Classic Card2.99%More Info
ADIB – Cashback Visa Platinum Credit Card2.99%More Info

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