Personalise your banking experience like never before with FGB Accelerator – a complete eco-system designed to meet all your banking needs, and at the same time reward you for it! Click here to know more.

Accelerator offers easy access to your money with free international remittances, free international ATM withdrawals, a free debit card and cheque book, and no Minimum Balance Charges.

What’s more, FGB Accelerator offers you other exciting features – a choice of three tiers, three loyalty programs, and a host of benefits every time you bank with FGB

All you need to do is open a Current Account with FGB with a monthly balance transfer of at least AED 15,000, pick an FGB Credit Card of your choice, and select your Accelerator Tier.

Features & Benefits:

  • Welcome Bonus: AED 1,500 or 24,000 Miles or 210,000 Reward Points
  • Current Account Benefits: Free international remittances, free international ATM withdrawals, no Minimum Balance Charges, a free debit card and a free cheque book
  • Credit Card Earnings: 8% Cash Back or 3 Miles/USD or 2 Reward Points/AED on credit card spend
  • Other Product Benefits: Get up to AED 1,000 Cash Back or 17,035 Miles or 142,850 Reward Points every time you avail an additional product from FGB, such as personal loan, insurance, savings plan etc. You can benefit from one or more of these products anytime during your Accelerator membership
  • Priority Service
  • Annual Fee: Depends on the Accelerator Tier. You can reduce this monthly fee, or make it even zero, by transferring more balance to your FGB account and/or taking more products from FGB