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Emirates Islamic was launched in 2004, the bank was established to deliver the highest standards of banking services in line with the highest standards of Shari'a principles. Offering a broad range of products designed for individuals and small businesses as well as large corporations, Emirates Islamic is the right choice for those looking for excellence in managing their finances.

At the heart of the Emirates Islamic experience is a dedication to the customer, who sits at the heart of the bank. Their customers are their partners, they work together to ensure that they deliver the best results for them and for the bank. By utilizing Islamic financing tools like Murabaha, Ijarah and Takaful, they reduce the uncertainty in transactions and provide solutions that are right for their customers, whether they are an individual looking to save or a large corporation searching for a long term partner.

You will also see that they have changed the way they look. Their new brand reflects their innovative approach to their commitment to delivering the best financial solutions in the market. It is a reflection of how they see themselves today and moving into the future. Irrespective of what your financial needs are, they have the solutions that work for you. They look forward to welcoming you to Emirates Islamic.
Latest products from Emirates Islamic
Personal Loans
Emirates Islamic - Personal Finance 4.7%
Credit Cards
Emirates Islamic - Skywards Infinite Credit Card
Emirates Islamic - Skywards Platinum Credit Card
Emirates Islamic - Skywards Gold Credit Card
Emirates Islamic - RTA Credit Cards
Emirates Islamic - Union Coop Tamayaz Card 2.99%
Emirates Islamic - Rewards Credit Card
Emirates Islamic - Cashback Card 2.99%
Emirates Islamic - Easy Card 3.25%
Emirates Islamic - Flex Platinum Credit Card
Emirates Islamic - Flex Max Signature Credit Card
Emirates Islamic - Flex Elite Infinite Credit Card
Home Loans
Emirates Islamic - Home Finance Bina'a
Emirates Islamic - Manzili Home Finance 1.63%
Car Loans
Emirates Islamic - Auto Finance 2.39%
Current Accounts
Emirates Islamic - Bank Current Account
Business Accounts
Emirates Islamic - Business Platinum
Emirates Islamic - Business Gold
Emirates Islamic - Business Classic
Business Loans
Emirates Islamic - Business Finance 8%