The CBD Mortgage Loan is a comprehensive and convenient home loan solution brought to you by a bank that offers you services the way you deserve it.

  • Enjoy highly competitive pricing
  • Avail finance up to AED 15 Million
  • Refinance your property - if you wish this mortgage were available before, you can still use it to release cash against your full paid property
  • Benefit from financing for up to 20 years - they believe in establishing long lasting relationships with our clients
Fees and Charges
  • Processing fee - 1% of the loan amount or minimum AED 5000 and maximum amount AED 40000
  • Valuation Fee - Included in the processing fee
  • Life insurance fees - 0.027%
  • Property insurance fee - 0.027%
Documents Required
  • Valid national ID and valid passport
  • Recent utility bill in the name of the client e.g. electricity, telephone or rental contract
  • Latest Salary/Income/Employment verification document
  • Property purchase and sales agreement / contract
  • Ownership certificate of the financed property
  • Proof of Down payment
  • Bank statement
Additional Info

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** Calculator Definitions
Amount: The total amount of money borrowed, also referred to as the principal amount.
Rate (%): This is the annual interest flat rate on the product. This is not the APR, which is going to be calculated in this example.
Years: This is the original term or length of the product, stated in years.
Effective Monthly Payment: This is the effective monthly payment, which takes into consideration fees and other costs associated with this product. The effective monthly payment is the basis for the APR calculation.
Calculated Annual Percentage Rate (%): The calculated Annual Percentage Rate(APR) is determined using the annual interest rate on the product plus fees and other costs. The APR is useful when comparing two or more products with different interest rates and fee structures.