Mashreq Home Loans offers the flexibility of choosing a completed property either directly from the Developer or from a re-sale market in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Mashreq has a wide network of approved developments and areas.

  • High Loan amounts of up to AED 15 million
  • Loan Tenor up to 25 Years
  • Attractive Interest/Profit rate options
  • Available to UAE Nationals and Resident Expatriates (both Salaried & Self Employed)
  • Wide network of approved developments to choose from
  • Choice of Islamic & Conventional Home Finance / Loans
  • Simple documentation & Quick Processing
  • Salaried or Self Employed individuals
  • UAE Nationals or Resident Expatriates
  • Minimum monthly income of AED 15,000
Fees and Charges
  • Processing fee - 1% on the approved loan amount
  • Pre-approval fee - AED 1,000
  • Pre-payment fee of : 1% from remaining balance or AED 10,000, whichever is less
  • Amendment / Re-validation Fee - AED 500 in case of amendments made after the loan is approved/booked
  • Property valuation fee - AED 2,500
  • Life Insurance charges – 0.35% p.a. of the loan amount
  • Property Insurance charges – 0.06% p.a. of the property value
  • Applicable Interest Rates to apply
Documents Required
  • Salaried - Application Form, Valid Passport & Visa copy, Salary certificate (Previous employment certificate if less than a year), Bank statements – 6 months, Liability letter (if any), Property documents – Sale Agreement, Proof of down payments
  • Self Employed - Application Form, Valid Passport & Visa copy, Trade License, Copy of Chamber of Commerce Registration, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Financial statements audited of last two years, Profile of the business on company letter head, Bank statements – Company & Personal for 6 months, Liability letter (if any), Property documents – Sale Agreement, Proof of down payment, Letter indicating intent for use of property for rental or Investment purpose as per banks format.
** Calculator Definitions
Amount: The total amount of money borrowed, also referred to as the principal amount.
Rate (%): This is the annual interest flat rate on the product. This is not the APR, which is going to be calculated in this example.
Years: This is the original term or length of the product, stated in years.
Effective Monthly Payment: This is the effective monthly payment, which takes into consideration fees and other costs associated with this product. The effective monthly payment is the basis for the APR calculation.
Calculated Annual Percentage Rate (%): The calculated Annual Percentage Rate(APR) is determined using the annual interest rate on the product plus fees and other costs. The APR is useful when comparing two or more products with different interest rates and fee structures.