The Emirati Millionaire Savings Account (EMSA) is a unique Shari’ah compliant savings account specially designed to meet the needs of Emiratis, their spouses and their children.

EMSA could make you a millionaire overnight to secure your family’s prosperity. There are semi-annual, daily and monthly prizes.

EMSA list of Prizes:

  • A grand prize every six months of AED 1 million (the upcoming draw will take place in December 2016)
  • Every month you have a chance to win a prize of AED 250,000
  • Every working day we will announce a winner of AED 10,000


Simple criteria:

  • AED 5,000 minimum monthly average balance is required to be eligible for the prize draws
  • Every extra AED 1,000 you save over AED 5,000 gives you an additional chance to win

Features & Benefits:

  • Attractive profits paid quarterly
  • ADCB TouchPoints earned on account balances
  • Free debit card
  • ADCB Islamic Banking contributes AED 25 to charity for each account opened

Expected Annual Return: 0.15%