Your easy access to financial freedom!

It pays to plan ahead

Save with Samba Financial Group (“Samba”) and your money will work for you. With the interest bearing Samba Savings Account, you can look forward to tomorrow as well as having easy access to your money today.

As with all Samba financial products, the Samba Savings Account is designed to make managing your finances straightforward, whether you’re putting money aside for a special reason or simply saving for a ‘rainy day’.

We’re there for you

With a free international ATM card, the Samba Savings Account gives you complete access to your money. Together with SambaPhone and SambaOnline, you can bank 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while Samba@lert provides you with regular SMS and email alerts on your account, and even confirmation of transactions. Additionally, there are no switch charges for use of Samba ATM card on any other bank’s ATM in the UAE. The Samba Savings Account is available in six major currencies (AED, USD, SAR, Yen, GBP and Euro). In addition, the standing order facility is also a convenient way to manage any regular payments.


  •  Applicants must be 18 years and above