The way forward when securing your business.

Losing a Key-person or partner can have a devastating impact on a business. If an organisation fails to provision for liability repayments or loss of revenue due to death, critical illness or disability of a partner, or key person, the business could falter or even fail. Business Protection is a risk management tool as well as an insurance policy, allowing businesses to protect its most valuable assets – the people.

With Business Protection through ADCB, we provide a need-based solution to protect your business in the following three scenarios:

Business Liabilities Protection

Key Person Protection

Shareholder & Partnership Protection

Cover for business loans – possibly with personal guarantees

Covers salary of the key person during period of extended absence due to critical illness or disability

Compensates for loss of a Shareholder/partner if either dies or suffers a serious illness

Cover for loan accounts – this is money owed to a bank or lending institution

Covers recruitment costs to replace the key person

Enables transfer of shares from inheritors

Cover for overdrafts – this is an extension of credit limit from a bank or lending institution

Covers loss of revenue due to loss of the key person

Facilitates adequate compensation for the family of the deceased through a buyback of shares

Helps ensure business continuity after loss of the key person

Helps pay off company debt